I was worried a lot.

Not long ago, I went on a trip to Jeju Island with my friend, and thanks to the beautiful scenery and delicious food, I was able to enjoy the rest of my life.

But I went to great tourist attractions such as Soesokkak and Seongsan Ilchulbong I decided to get a Jeju Jungmun massage because I got tired~

Fortunately, I got to know the Jungmunhyang aroma massage shop, which is about a 5-minute walk from Jungmun-dong intersection near our accommodation, so I went there after making a reservation.


Thanks to the director’s kind explanation over the phone, it was easy to park in the parking lot behind the building.

As I entered the interior of the store, I felt much calmer because of the Hanok feeling with various real flowers and flowering trees.

First of all, before entering the Jeju Chinese massage in earnest, the director checked me and my friend’s physical condition and conducted a customized body program according to my constitution and allergies.

Overall, you recommended a 90-minute aroma whole-body care course to relieve my stiff body due to fatigue, but because I was able to adjust the time and explained the process in detail, I was satisfied because it was easy to understand and the low price.

After choosing the course according to the director’s recommendation, I moved to the fitting room right away, and I could use it with confidence because there was a neat massage suit prepared.

We were the first to head to the foot bathroom, and with the designated place, we could see the lilies in full bloom, and it felt comfortable by itself thanks to the subtle scent of real flowers and the warm foot bath water.

In particular, as you kept the foot bath water temperature constant so that it was not too cold or too hot and released Yunohana powder, I felt like my feet were smoother and full of moisture because I was tired from the long journey.

Moreover, as you prepared a warm T-shirt, I felt relieved because I could feel the warmth in my body, but when I saw the sweat on my forehead, I felt like the waste was coming out.

And when the manager did the foot massage together and put pressure on not only the sole of the foot but also the ankle and the foot of the foot, it was amazing that it loosens the muscles and cools the calf.

Moreover, when I finished my foot bath, I carefully wiped my wet feet, so I wouldn’t fall, but I was satisfied because I felt like I was being treated

And we moved to a full-body care room under the guidance of the manager. It’s not only a single room but also a multi-person room, so it would be nice to come with my family next time.

As we entered the double room we chose, I was relieved to see you carefully completing the disinfection for the same time these days.

In particular, I was able to receive it without worrying about hygiene thanks to the meticulous installation of new disposable sheets on the massage mat, but since you took care of the hand sanitizer for us, I was pleased to be able to use it clean.

In order to get a full body massage, we put the body towel on our back on the bed and decided to start the acupressure from the upper body, but the bed was so soft that I felt healed just by lying down.

While I was traveling, my body was very stiff because I often walked up and down rough mountain trails with my backpack, but as the manager carefully relaxed those rigid muscles, I relaxed and unconsciously closed my eyes.

In addition, it was cool to know how meticulous the hand massage was because the manager grabbed my wrist with one hand and released my finger joint with the other hand, which seemed to increase my blood circulation, but I was grateful that you taught me how to do hand massage on my own.

Especially legs walk for a long time It was a lot of trouble because I often hear it because I keep getting cramps.

But the manager understands that part and presses the weight from the ankle to the pelvis, and it was amazing because it didn’t hurt at all and it felt like the tensed muscles were in place. My legs were getting better, so I felt like my legs were getting better~

And in my case, I was worried because I’m a skin type that easily gets sensitive to small stimuli.

However, Jeju Jungmun massage uses natural aroma oil and presses it to the right level, so I was satisfied that my skin didn’t get red or rash.

Furthermore, the Jeju Jungmun massage, which warms the Jeju inkstone and pushes it up and down, is warmer than expected When I saw it, I felt like there was no heaven as my body became tired and tired as my sweat flowed down.

Not only that, the eating stone was also placed on my hand where I had cold hands and feet, and I liked it because I felt my body temperature rising and my tired body felt much lighter, but the manager told me that it was 출장안마 actually good at discharging toxins

Even after the course was over, I was so drowsy that I couldn’t stand up for a while and sat in the waiting room with sleepy eyes. My friend who had a massage with me said he wanted to get it the next day.

Thanks to you, I was able to finish the rest of the schedule without getting tired, but if I go to Jeju Island again, I think I’ll use the Jeju Jungmun massage shop again~

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