In the future, I will give you two things: shame more than death, and death more slowly feeling the stages of suffering.

There’s gold hidden underneath the golden pharamacist. Vincenzo Cassano is coming to Korea to get the gold out of this whole thing.
But while in Korea, the Babel Group is fighting against the Babel Group, trying to tear down the Golden Plaza.

Jang Jun-woo is the real boss of Babel, Chairman Jang Han-seok.
You fight Babel with Vincenzo, Hong Cha-young and the people of the Golden Garpraza.

Jang Han-seo betrays Jang Han-seok, Choi Myung-hee, attorney Han Seung-hyuk, informs Vincenzo of various information, and becomes chairman when Jang Han-seok goes to the detention center.
After Jang Han-seok left the detention center, he told Jang Han-seo that he would let him live if he killed Vincenzo, but Jang Han-seo didn’t listen to him and tried to kill his brother Jang Han-seok.
But Jang Han-seo ends up being shot and killed by Jang Han-seok.

District Attorney Han Seung-hyuk is stabbed to death by the people Jang Han-seok bought for him.
Lawyer Choi Myung-hee is sprayed with oil and burned to death by Vincenzo Cassano.
Jang Han-seok suffered the most painful torture from Vincenzo and eventually became the crow’s meal.

Vincenzo will be wanted. But investigator Ahn will be able to get out of Korea safely.
After that, Vincenzo came to Korea again and reunited with Hong Cha-young.

The narration by Vincenzo Cassano ends the drama.
Evil is punished by evil.
I’m still a villain, and I don’t care about justice. Justice is weak and empty, and no villain can be beaten by this. If ruthless justice exists in this world, I’m willing to lose because villains also want to live in a peaceful world, but this world is impossible, so I have a new hobby, cleaning up trash, because if I don’t clean it up, I’ll be crushed by trash.

Finally, there is one thing I want to say from the villain’s point of view.

I have one principle: death without pain is a blessing.

In the future, I will give you two things: shame more than death, and death more slowly feeling the stages of suffering.

The drama I’m going to review is Vincenzo.
I used to watch it right after the 4th episode was over, but there weren’t many interesting contents. After that, it took some time to watch it again.
I watched Episode 5 near the end, but the previous Episode 1 and Episode 4 were much more attractive than the story, so I watched it since then.
Especially, I like episode 16 the most. I didn’t know Vincenzo Cassino’s lighter would be used like that.
I thought it was a painting that would definitely show the character of Vincenzo Cassino.
Also, the ending of Episode 16 ended really strongly.
After watching the drama, I think I’ll pick episode 16 if they tell me to pick the ending from Vincenzo.
I think there will be a lot of likes and dislikes from the end of episode 19 to the beginning of episode 20.
I was a little disappointed, too. The ending was good, but I think a lot of things were omitted to get to the end.
Also, he plays the role of black tea, but he didn’t 무료 다운로드 appear much after being shot, and I thought it would be nice to tell him a little bit about straws.
Also, the lines that remained strong for me this time were Taeho, and the acting of actor Kim Sung-chul was strong, and I enjoyed watching the bromance of Vincenzo Cassano and Hwang Min-sung.
Vincenzo and Hwang Minsung’s chemistry was good and their acting was good.
In the last episode, Taeho left an impression until the end.
I was also sad to see Jang Han-seo die at the end.
Jang Han-seo wanted to see more of the way he bought and made Babel Group look like an honest company. But at the end, Jang Han-seo showed no betrayal of Vincenzo, and I could see that Jang Han-seo had changed.

The end was, to some extent, expected everyone to die. But seeing you tortured and killed, it was satisfying to see the mafia Vincenzo.
The more I watched the drama, the more I admired Song Joong Gi’s close-up shots.

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